Devin Farrand

Posted in Capstone Exhibitions

My work references the natural world while questioning the illusion of reality. In my work the absence created by the sanitary white objects correlate to the polluted vacancy in my paintings. Both confront the viewer with a quiet intimacy. The ceramic forms contrast fleshy organic curves with the sterile precision of industry. The forms look to be objects of function but affirm no specific purpose. Their scale and surface relate to body.

My paintings distribute their scale similarly, competing for human space. The large paintings use 3-dimensional surface to create depth. The subject matter’s desolate environment pushes forward becoming tactile while the surrounding area is pulled into a dark emptiness.

The subject implies numerous associations to things utilitarian and human. The minimal and barren characteristics reveal enough information to formulate a question without answering it. I am less interested in illustrating an idea but rather creating a setting for dialog between the viewer and my work to exist.

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